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Local Boys Homemade Seedless Marionberry Preserves is a very good choice for people who love blackberries but don't want a super tart bite. Our homemade Seedless Marionberry Preserves are made with only the best local Marionberries from Washington State.
If you like the homemade taste like Grandma used to make then you need to try Our Homemade Seedless Marionberry Preserves!
We also carry a Homemade Marionberry Syrup that is make with the same Local Marionberries from Washington state. If you prefer a Homemade Marionberry preserve that isn't seedless we have that also.
Our Homemade Seedless Marionberry Preserves are very good on toast, pancakes, English muffins and much more!
Our Seedless Marionberries are harvested from our very own farms in the Northwest and picked at the peak of sweetness.

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